Microsoft Teams App Development Services

Hire our skilled Microsoft Teams app developers to extend the functionality of your MS Teams platform. Develop collaboration solutions for Microsoft Teams around functionalities like chatting, managing projects, tasks, employees & meetings, voice calling, video calling, attendance & standups, decision making, file storage & management, marketing & sales, office management, customer support, finance, developer tooling, work productivity, analytics, games & quizzes, and more!

  • Activity automation
  • Service integrations
  • Security and compliance
  • Team collaboration solutions
  • Smooth Office 365 integrations
  • Customized Microsoft apps for Teams
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Hire dedicated Microsoft Teams app developers for customized collaboration solutions

Microsoft Teams is an excellent team collaboration platform with many productive features like messaging, voice & video calls, meetings, security and compliances, and accessibility. However, the out-of-the-box tooling of Teams isn’t enough to make it the complete corporate communication platform—this is where the Teams’ API and integration features come into play. Teams can not only provide integrations to popular 3rd party services but also allow users to develop their customized collaboration apps and integrate with Teams. Hire our Microsoft Teams App development services to engineer a personalized collaboration solution personalized to your work process needs.

Messaging teams app

Develop MS Teams app for building instant messaging services, chat rooms, email-integrated services, message scheduling, file sharing, and more! We can build unique messaging services for teams that work seamlessly across all time zones—making complex communication, approachable and transparent!

Voice and video call apps

We can make both stand-alone voice and video calling Microsoft apps for Teams—and develop MS Teams app that adds advanced tooling to the default calling features of Teams. Get efficient voice and video calling apps with modern features like screen sharing, background changing, whiteboard sharing, and more!

Project management apps

Successful project management is a fundamental determiner of your productivity. And, project management, in turn, is greatly impacted by the quality of communication within a workspace. We can help you build apps for Microsoft Teams to schedule, iterate, and manage—your projects, tasks, activities, and employees. Build functional and transparent project management apps in Microsoft Teams to increase your productivity and meet deadlines comfortably.

Meeting management apps

At the managerial and entrepreneurial level—the volume of meetings can easily become overwhelming. Hire our Microsoft Teams app development services to engineer custom team collaboration solutions that are geared towards scheduling and management of meetings. Get meeting management apps in Microsoft Teams with seamless integration to MS outlook and other calendars of your preference.

Security & compliance apps

Make MS Teams—not only a complete platform for all corporate communications—but also the most secure platform. MS Teams comes well-stacked with many default security features. However, if your business process or company has further extended security and data privacy needs—our Microsoft Teams developers can engineer it. Build advanced IT security, data protection, and access control for your MS Teams workspace.

Task automation apps

Task automation apps are probably the most needed—and on high-demand—apps for MS Teams. We have a well-managed team of developers with expertise in areas like AI/ML, process automation, data science, and app development for MS Teams. Our developers can help you build apps to automate activities on MS Teams like attendance, attendance & timesheet, EOD reports & task follow-ups, reporting, tracking, and more!

Apps with cloud integrations

If you are not utilizing the brilliant cloud solutions available—you are missing out on a lot of effective and optimized functionalities. For any MS Teams app we build for our clients, we can build integrations to various cloud services, including the popular ones provided by Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, and AWS. Get optimized cloud collaboration solutions!

Customized Teams Apps integrations

We can build very specific integrations for your MS Teams apps. We can build MS Teams Apps that integrate with different management systems of your company like inventory management systems, order management systems, logistics management systems, CRMs, CMSs, and more! Manage and administer your entire organization with MS Teams workspace.

Custom analytics apps

We have dedicated data science experts, business intelligence engineers, and analytics engineers with rich experience in developing Microsoft apps for Teams. Our Microsoft Teams app developers can build customized analytics solutions that can collect and process data from your MS Teams workspace to reveal decision-making insights and BI reports on subjects like team mood, task progress, KPIs, sprint success, and various predictive analysis specific to your domain.

File management apps

Exchanging documents and files of different formats of media is a very common activity in every workspace. But when this file-sharing activity is not managed and organized it can become counterproductive, very quickly. Build a Teams app for File management with smooth integrations to OneDrive and other cloud storage services of your preference.

Gaming & quiz apps

Engineer customized game & quiz apps that can be used as team-building activities. We have dedicated application developers with expertise in gamification apps. Make your workspace interactive & fun with game & quiz apps. Help your employees unwind and enhance their productivity!

Finance & Accounting Apps

Hire our Microsoft Teams app development services to automate your finances and accounting. Get notifications, reports, & insights; track changes, manage entries, and get automatic calculations. We can also integrate your finance MS Teams app with a 3rd party accounting & finance cloud services like QuickBooks and Zoho Books.

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Developers skilled at all MS Teams-compatible technologies

Our Microsoft Teams app developers are skilled and experts at all the programming languages, frameworks, libraries, plug-ins, and tools—that have been used to engineer MS Teams and the ones that are compatible with Teams.

MS Teams—How does it work?

The idea of MS Teams is to provide a complete corporate communication platform for businesses and organizations; whilst seamlessly integrating with the entire Microsoft 365 suite. MS Teams provides default features like Voice & Video calls, instant messaging, security & compliance, meeting management, integration with 3rd party services, and cross-device accessibility. However, what really sets MS Teams apart is its Application Programming Interface—which allows users to build their own custom Microsoft apps for Teams.

Team collaborations
File management
Schedule & Calendar
Project management
Customized teams Apps
3rd party service integrations
Intra-organization communication

The benefits of using MS Teams

The biggest benefit of MS teams is of course how it can become the hub and central space for managing your entire organization; a central workspace with integrations to systems for different business processes. This outcome alone generates multiple other benefits like time efficiency, transparency, accountability, accuracy, increased productivity, and more!

Transparent communication
Analytics-driven insights
Communicate On-the-go
Optimized planning
Organized management
Productive collaboration
Synchronized workforce
Process automation

Hire the most efficient Microsoft Teams app developers, designers, & IT professionals

Hire efficient MS Teams app developers, Teams app UI-UX designers, data-science experts, DevOps professionals, and project managers. Get complete Microsoft Teams app development services with a flexible hiring model. Hire our entire Teams app development company; hire a dedicated team of developers and Teams app designers; Or, hire individual developers on an hourly/monthly basis to augment your IT staffing.

Hire MS Teams app developers

Hire dedicated Microsoft Teams App developers with engineering expertise across multiple business domains, knowledge areas, and Microsoft-compatible development toolkits.

Hire Data science experts

Get customized database solutions for your Microsoft Teams App with different databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, MariaDB, IBM Db2, Oracle, and more.

Hire Teams app designers

Hire dedicated UI-UX designers with special experience in designing interfaces for apps in Microsoft Teams. Our designers are experts at establishing engaging visual elements and engineering simplified UI behavior.

Hire Project managers

We have technically skilled project managers groomed in soft skills like communications and client relations.

Hire DevOps professionals

Our IT professionals are trained to provide high-velocity services with appropriate utilization of DevOps practices and tools including, Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and more.

Hire Back-end Developers

Our Microsoft Teams app developers in the back-end are diversely skilled in multiple languages–like PHP, C#, JavaScript, Python, and Ruby–in multiple frameworks like–Laravel, Codeignitor, Symfony, Django, Ruby On Rails, Node.JS, and .NET.

Hire Front-end Developers

Our Microsoft Teams app developers in the front-end are diversely skilled in multiple mobile front-end frameworks like–React.JS, Next.JS, Angular.JS, Vue.JS, and Nuxt.JS.

Hire QA & Testing professionals

We have a very effective team of QA & Testing professionals who are experts at linting, unit testing, end-to-end testing, and debugging.

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Agile steps of mobile app development

Step 1

Hire dedicated Developers

We thoroughly discuss and analyze your business requirements. We formally document your requirements to build the foundation for all further developments.

Step 2

Planning & scheduling your project

Based on your requirements we optimize the resources and recommend a relevant development model. We also suggest a thorough project schedule that includes estimates, timelines, and activity iterations.

Step 3

Designing & Development

The designing phase is where we define the architecture of your product and start defining its look and feel. The development phase is where our app developers code the design into a working application .

Step 4

Quality Analysis & Testing

We put your software through a rigorous quality check and debugging process to ensure a stable build for your software.

Step 5


We provide a flexible delivery model. We can commit the code and deliver the solution and let you take over the deployment. Or, we can push it to a secure and high-speed production server.

Step 6

Maintenance & Support

We put your software through a rigorous quality check and debugging process to ensure a stable build for your software.

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Why choose our Microsoft Teams App Development Services

On-time delivery

Following the approved schedule and timely delivery of your product are among our top priorities.

Offering precisely what you need

From resources to technology to project plans–we custom-fit it all to your business requirements.

Employ optimized resources

Use technology and human resources that deliver maximum return at minimum cost.

Build once-reuse later

Repurpose our engineering and designing components in your future development projects

Post-build services

We are happy to extend our services to long-term maintenance, version upgrade, and marketing of your app.

Search Engine Optimized

Hire mobile app developers who are thoroughly versed in SEO fundamentals and practices.

Hire committed developers

We have an extensive team! Hire committed developers who have vast experience in your business domain and your preferred technologies.

Fully Signed NDA

Your confidentiality is important to us. Get a fully signed Non-Disclosure Agreement.

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FAQ’s on MS Teams App Development

Apps that can be developed for MS Teams include chatbots, tabs, connectors, and messaging extensions. These apps can enhance the platform's functionality by providing custom workflows, automating tasks, and integrating with other business systems.
MS Teams App Development Services ." required>MS Teams apps can be developed using various programming languages and tools, including Node.js, C#, Python, and Visual Studio. We use the Microsoft Bot Framework and Azure Bot Service to develop chatbots and messaging extensions, and the Microsoft Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio Code to streamline development and deployment. Know more about MS Teams App Development Services .
The development timeline for an MS Teams app can vary depending on the complexity of the project and the features required. Typically, it takes between 4 to 12 weeks to develop a fully functional app. The development process involves several stages, including project scoping, design and prototyping, development and testing, and deployment to the Microsoft Teams app store.
We follow industry best practices to ensure the security and compliance of MS Teams apps. We implement security protocols for data transfer, encrypt sensitive data, and use role-based access control to restrict access to sensitive information. MS Teams apps also need to comply with regulations such as GDPR and CCPA to protect user privacy and data. We ensure compliance by following data protection regulations and obtaining necessary certifications and audits.
Yes, we can integrate your existing business applications such as CRM, ERP, and HRM systems with MS Teams to provide a unified user experience and streamline workflows.
Yes, we can develop custom workflows and automation using MS Teams apps to automate tasks such as approvals, notifications, and alerts. We can use Microsoft Power Automate to create custom flows and connect with over 400 business applications.
We design and develop the MS Teams app to be scalable and handle increased usage by using cloud-based infrastructure, implementing caching and load balancing, and optimizing code and database queries.
We provide ongoing technical support and maintenance for the MS Teams app after deployment to ensure its smooth operation and user satisfaction. Our support services include bug fixing, software updates, and technical support via email, phone, or chat. We also offer additional services such as app customization and feature enhancements upon request.
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