Blackbuck - What makes this industry different?

Blackbuck – What makes this company different? Blackbuck is a Logistics company which was founded on the month of April in the year 2015. The company was founded by the graduates of IIT- Kharagpur: Yabaji, Chanakya Hridaya and Ramasubramaniam. The company specialises in Organising and simplifying trucking by digitizing the various processes involved in the Logistics Industry. The company has successfully transformed trucking operations such as insurance, payments and finance by bringing them online. Blackbuck has the largest trucking network in India today. Their effective services and freight platforms provide efficiency, reliability and above all, highly impressive experience for truckers and shippers. Their innovative and tech-enabled way of hiring vehicles from the market separates their operations from a regular Logistics company. Till now, Blackbuck has over fifteen thousand clients and over four lac trucks operating at over two thousand locations. The efficient freight platform enables shipping conveniently. It also provides organised matching and higher truck utilization. The services platform helps make trucking simple and effective with improved infrastructure and services to help all industries. Blackbuck won the Start-up of the Year award by CNBC in 2018, Company of the Year in Logistics Category by Zee Business in 2018, Forbes Under 30 in 2017, Entrepreneur Under 35 in 2017and even a Harvard Case Study. This shows how successful this company has been. BlackBuck launched the Supply App on August 2015, the Demand App on Feb 2016 which is used by shippers, started the Services Platform on Jul 2017, the Services App on Aug 2017, and the Driver App on Aug 2018. These apps have proven to be in best in the industry and are very useful and efficient. What makes this company different and makes it stand out of the crowd is the technology they have created and the scale of its implementation. These technologies have truly revolutionised the way logistics work in our country. They have a well-equipped team of individuals with high potential in technical as well as management domains. The company uses Data Science at the heart of all its operations and projects. The company’s knowledge and experience in the field of data have enabled the company to create products which are for the future to help balance demand and supply. The products and features help fleet operators and shippers by the seamless experience. Moreover, instant availability and fair pricing are a great advantage the company possesses. The software helps to locate and manage all shipments through a single and convenient software. The powerful algorithms implemented help connect with proper fleet operators depending on the source, destination and other factors. The BlackBuck Blaze App is very essential for all shippers to function effectively. The software helps find trucks at very affordable prices which helps save time and cost for any business. The features operate at over three hundred locations with over lac trucks. Thus the platform offers availability. Moreover, live-time tracking solutions are offered by very advanced systems for monitoring. The entire freight is managed effectively with the reliable and fast services available. The company has come up with innovative software solutions for fleet operators too. With over three hundred locations, loads daily are guaranteed. It helps book loads at the right price. Instant payment settlements and instant advance for every load are assured. Very efficient and fast operations are very effective for loading and unloading processes too. All essential facilities are provided to drivers in all major locations. With all these high-end technologies and the effective functioning of the core team of BlackBuck, it surely is an outstanding performer when it comes to providing tools and services for the Transport and Logistics industry. These features make BlackBuck different from all other industries and the most successful among them all.