Rivigo- Much more than just a Logistics Industry

Rivigo – Much more than just a Transport Industry Rivigo was founded in the year 2014. It was jointly established by Deepak Garg and Gazal Kalra. Deepak Garg is the Founder and CEO and Gazal Kalra is the co-founder of Rivigo. The company is the leader in the market when it comes to adding a human touch to all the logistics services prevalent in the industry. The company is highly active in the current logistics industry and is helping to build the pipeline for movement of material. The company is a strong mixture of data, technology and excellence in operations and culture. Their primary aim is to make logistics faster, safer, more efficient and add a human touch to it. Rivigo’s driver relay model and highly sophisticated and efficient technologies help provide reduced delivery times and also increases client reliability. Rivigo has been very effective in solving age-old problems encountered in transportation and logistics such as route planning, fuel analysis, etc. The precise and effective predictions and very high levels of efficiency displayed by the company are revolutionising the way modern logistics function in our country. The company has created many milestones and has set a new standard for itself. Rivigo has over 2 lac verified fleet owners and over half a million completed trips. It also has over 70 pit-stops and has reached over four thousand cities. The drivers have driven over a billion kilometres and house over five thousand trucks in their fleet. The company aspires to connect India by an ecosystem where all stakeholders work to establish a sector which creates values for everyone through its transparency and reliability. The company’s culture and ethics have been the main reason for their success. The models they follow are very sought after which bring about the development of the company and the employees as a whole. Their focus is to create dependable and usable technologies for businesses. Whenever any new candidate is hired, it raises the standards of the team. Core beliefs and values are given great importance at Rivigo. They believe that culture is the most important key when it comes to long-time success. The team is also highly purposeful when it comes to doing any task. Various processes such as engineering, operations, celebrations and hiring are done to add more human traits to logistics. The company is very certain about inputs. They want just the right inputs which are very resourceful and come in handy to provide the required outputs effectively. Moreover, when it comes to any sort of operation or project, the teams operate with utmost righteousness and purity and never take any short cuts for any operation. This is such an outstanding quality exhibited by all employees of the company. The company always believes that anything can be achieved when the functioning is at the right speed. With proper concentration and enhanced clarity, we can achieve the right pace. This is something which can be followed by every one of us. The company also strongly believes in appreciating people who are humble and egoless. It is very important to prevent short-term success from coming into the way of long-time successes. Logistics play a vital role in India’s GDP. It contributes to almost 14% of the total GDP of our country. Truck drivers play an important role in economic growth. Rivigo is taking constant steps to ensure the safety and socio-economic conditions of drivers are of good standards. All drivers have given utmost respect to their workplace and are made sure that they spend quality time with their families. Rivigo even calls their Drivers “Pilots”, to make people understand their significance. The Pilot App provided to all drivers facilitates them in all operations like the e-ID card, digital documentation, etc. Moreover, Pit-stops all along the way are very helpful for drivers as it provided all essential facilities and provides a safe, comfortable, clean place to rest. Regular and direct payouts are made to drivers into their bank accounts. All the pilots are given knowledge on various financial schemes available. This enables them to plan for a financially secure future for themselves and their families. All medical benefits are provided to drivers and their families as and when required. Pilots are also eligible to avail home loans which help them to lead a settled life. Various scholarship schemes are offered to the pilots’ kids. These schemes are very essential for their future and career. Moreover, all pilots are provided with an ATM card to promote cashless transactions. These strategies are smart ways to attract drivers and retain them in a business which is facing a shortage of drivers. By doing so, they are not only hiring more drivers but also leaving fewer drivers for their competition. Since Logistics is highly reliant on drivers, this may be a strategy that might prove dangerous for Rivigo’s competitors. Rivigo has not only displayed very helpful and friendly morals and ethics but has shown remarkable advancement in technology as well. The Rivigo Freight is an efficient marketplace which can be used to carriers and shippers. All calls are handled very effectively by CRM agents for handling operations such as load confirmation and negotiations on price. The AI-based CRM platform has proven to be very efficient in making multiple calls. The company also employs a highly efficient cloud communications software which enables software developers to work effectively. Moreover, Rivigo owns its backend modules which provide information on users, prices, loads, etc. It also acts as an interface for quoting prices, posting loads, etc. These form the list of technologies developed and used currently. Rivigo has a huge array in store for the future too. They look forward to extending the AI-based CRM to regional languages such as Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, etc. Above all this, Rivigo pilots are being respected in their villages and communities and lead a happy life with their families. Rivigo has impacted the lives of four thousand families positively. They are highly committed to transforming the lives of the people who have been a part of their successful journey. The company is constantly making efforts to create an ecosystem that makes logistics faster and safer in a harmonic fashion. With all these technological advancements and the constant efforts made by the company to improve the lifestyle of their employees, any person will easily agree that Rivigo is much more than just a Transport company.