Top 5 technologies for Logistics to be used immediately!

Top 5 Tech Products /Applications Logistics companies should be using Right Now!: (You lose clients if you don't) Customers are very demanding. They want the best service at the cheapest price. From the current industrial trends, we found that customers prefer Logistics companies with the tech we've mentioned below, and these companies can gain more new clients and keep them satisfied more easily. They also allow the transporter to charge a rate that's slightly higher than their peers. See the list below to check what you're missing out on: GPS and Telematics Global Positioning System(GPS) and Telematics are of great importance now to the Logistics Industries. Telecommunication and Informatics converge to form Telematics and help in information transfer between vehicles and the industry. Telematics uses GPS and Internet-of-Things(IOT) software to help ease information transfer. Every component of the Supply Chain is given an identity and also a digital voice, we can track movement and manage the operations easily. Also, all data are provided properly and analysed effectively. This enables better management and more efficient ways to handle the processes. We can easily spot our vehicles and also track aspects like speed, driver behaviour, etc. Thus, Telematics is very essential for the current Logistics Industry. Efficient software The current Logistics industry has a lot of processes to cover during its essential operation. These operations can be performed effectively and easily with the use of many software. Revolo ERP is a software which offers complete workflow management tools and service. It also offers tracking services. The business manager can control all various operations in the cycle. Software like Revolo ERP is very effective in managing the billing for the transport industry. It automates the work and efficiently manages the whole billing process. It also helps in preparing invoices for all purchases made. Revolo's Transport Management Software also includes accounting software which very effectively manages the accounts in the logistics chain. We can see how cash flows back into the accounting system and how it impacts the supply chain. Revolo's Logistics Software and Fleet Management Software is cloud-based and is very efficient in fleet management, it also offers integration of GPS for live-tracking and routing in a very effective manner. It also helps in dispatch and monitoring of all vehicles and fleets. Moreover, the software is being used by the government also during the digitization process. Features like Fastag are very beneficial to logistics and transport to reduce the confusion involved in cash. The fuel cards initiative is also very effective to help easier management of cash spent and tracks the usage. These are also helpful as they enable them to keep proper accounts. Digital Marketing There are many advantages when it comes to Digital Marketing. It helps increase and develops trust and customers depend heavily on trust. So it is positive for any business. We can also easily set our enterprises in a very effective manner which is very effective in competition. Optimized websites and proper web analytics are essential tools to help organize and plan our strategies. The CRM and Audience Targeting software help build relations and increase the reach of our products. The biggest disadvantage of using traditional marketing methods like cold calling, advertising in magazines, etc. is Targeting. You can't target the exact audience that will see/hear your advertisement. A lot of effort and money is wasted on the wrong people. But digital marketing allows you to exactly target an audience with ease, which makes digital marketing much cheaper than any other traditional method. Marketing on FB, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google, etc. are extremely important. Thus, Digital Marketing is very essential for Logistics. Mobile Apps for Drivers Engagement of Drivers has become an essential aspect of the business. Because of a shortage of drivers, nowadays drivers have a choice of what company to work for. They demand more flexible working hours and more respect. Having a driver mobile application allows you to engage the driver in your business, show them their performance, and show key data like how much money they've earned on their trips, how much money they owe you, what their schedule looks like, etc. Revolo Infotech integrates it's software with their Driver app and gives amazing reports with this integration. Mobile apps for customers Software and mobile apps are available even for customers. These apps are straightforward and efficient. They can be used to make bookings easily. This is useful as companies are informed about the goods and quantity required. Customers and companies are benefitted as these apps can also be used to perform transactions efficiently. Moreover, the usage of such apps helps display a sophisticated look in front of customers. All products and services can be displayed efficiently.