For Parcel, Courier and Part Truck-Load companies, our transport software performs Operations, Billing, Accounting, and Business Analytics. Several companies across India rely on our systems regularly. Here are some of the features that we provide:

Booking to Delivery

Using LR creation, Challan, Tripsheet, and Delivery Management: inward, outward entries allow branches to know what parcels are coming and what deliveries are pending.

Simple Branch Management

Revolo's Transport Software keeps track of ToPay payments, branch commissions, payments and expenses to generate simple accounts for the head office to see what is payable and receivable. Branch wise bookings, deliveries and stock reports are generated.

User-wise and Branch-wise accounting

Our Transport Software keeps track of your staff's bookings and deliveries to give you a report of what payment collection needs to be done from your staff. Branch wise accounts give a report of payables and receivables.

Mobile Booking, Delivery

Our transport management application allows users to create bookings and deliveries on the mobile. Our cargo software is integrated with a barcoding system that allows users to make deliveries simply by scanning the barcode.

Tracking for Customers

We will provide a Tracking button on your website, where your customers can track their parcels. They will be shown the latest status, from the software.

Real-time updates: SMS/Whatsapp

Your customers will receive real-time SMS/Whatsapp messages when the parcel is booked, in transit and is ready for delivery. You can also configure our system to send reminder emails to clients for payments. Our system can also send routine reports to clients at scheduled times.

Custom LR Prints

Our Transport Software has default prints with 1,2,3,4,5,6 LR copies per page(A4). We can also make a custom print for your company to fit your existing stationery or your existing layout.

Mobile Integration and Applications

Our Transport Management System is integrated with our Booking app, Delivery app, E-PoD app, with Barcode scanning and branch management.

One Transport Software to manage your whole business

With Revolo's Transport Software, you can manage your entire business::

  • Branch-wise Bookings, Stock, Unclaimed, Deliveries and Pending Deliveries.

  • Incoming-parcels: Trucktoday ERP shows every branch their incoming parcels for the day. Planning is made simpler.

  • Billing: Trucktoday ERP keeps track of all unpaid bills, and allows you to create bills in several different formats. Trucktoday ERP can also directly send mails to your clients with the bill, on the click of a button.

  • Accounts: All the aspects of Accounting related to Logistics are included: ToPay receivables, Tracking of Paid and On-Account bookings, user-wise cash record during bookings, delivery, cashbook, GST Reports, trial balance, balance sheet, and many more.

Trust your software, trust your staff

Oftentimes, Parcel business is a cash based business. Revolo Transport Software does the following:

  • Keeping user-wise record of cash bookings (made on paid basis)

  • User-wise record of cash-delivery (Delivery of ToPay parcels) along with E-PoD system, which allows delivery-boys to take signatures of customers on a mobile phone.

  • Option to change ToPay deliveries to On-Account (Billed) deliveries in case customers request for credit-on-delivery.

  • Branch-wise Accounting: If branches have separate commissions, and handling ToPay, Paid and Billed accounts, Trucktoday ERP keeps track of it all.