For agents who help customers transport their goods domestically and internationally, our Transport Agent Software performs modules for Operations, Billing, Accounting, Tracking, Customs clearance management, and Business Analytics. Here are some of the features that we provide:

Bookings management

With our bookings module, you can make entries for all your bookings. This sends an SMS and email to your customer that their booking has been processed. Branch-wise booking reports, GST reports, customer reports, etc. are generated.

Tracking for your customers with real-time updates

We provide a tracking button on your website for your customers to track their consignments. They can track their consignments with their AirWayBill number through your site instead of tracking them on your vendor's platform.

Vendor payment management

The Vendor-payment module allows users to create vendor bills and manage their payables efficiently. The vendor can log in on a separate platform to stay updated on the latest transactions and payments.

Auto Email & reminders

Our Agent Software can send bills to your customers on the click of a button. You can also configure our system to send reminder emails to clients for payments. Our system can also send routine reports to clients at scheduled times.

Customer Login

We have created a separate portal for your customers so that they can view their transaction history, pending payments and download their bills and related documents.

Advanced reports

Revolo's Agent Software has 25+ advanced reports like customer-wise revenue, pending deliveries, MIS report, tracking, etc.

Sales management

Our Transport Agent Software has an in-built sales management module to help you keep track of your Sales.

  • Assign weekly targets to your Business Development Associates.

  • Have visibility over meetings, follow-ups and conversion ratios.

  • Monitor the performance of each Sales Representative to stay on top of your business.

Generating Reports for you and your clients

Our Transport Agent Software has a plethora of reports that will be useful for you and your clients.

  • You can set triggers in our software to send particular reports to specific clients at a specific time on a routine basis.

  • Loading-report, Unloading-report, Transit-report, Pending Bills, etc. can be sent to clients automatically.

  • Customers and Vendors have their own login IDs to log into a system to see various other reports.

Revolo Transport Agent Software has been built with Logistics Experts. You can rely on us.