For Bulk Liquid and Bulk Cargo companies, our Logistics and Fleet Management Software takes care of Operations, Billing, Accounting, Fleet Management and Business Analytics. Several companies across India rely on our systems regularly. Here are some of the features that we provide:

Fleet Management

Our Fleet Maintenance Software has in-depth modules for Tyre, Spare and Workshop Management. Tyre Stock Management, Tyre-vehicle mapping and tracking, performance, preventative maintenance, Dues transactions and repairs management can be done through our software and mobile applications.

Business Performance

Revolo's Logistics software has advanced analytics like Vehicle Performance: drilled down to Expenses, Profits and Revenue. Cost/km, Expense %, Model-wise performance: you get it all and more with 50+ integrated reports to understand your fleet costs and efficiency like never before.

Driver Management

Revolo's Logistics Application includes a Performance and Rating system for Drivers. Understand Driver Performance on different vehicle models. Manage Driver Payments, Driver Settlement, Diesel theft, dues, etc. with ease. The Driver has his own login and driver app to communicate with the staff.

Bill Formats

Our Logistics Software allows Multiple Bill Formats for different clients. Our engineers configure the different formats for your bill. Create GST complaint bills and track payments. Create rate charts for different routes, for shortage, detention, etc. to automate your billing process. Send emails and reminders directly from the software!

Dues and Expiries

Revolo's Logistics Software sends automatic emails 30 days prior to your vehicle insurance or driver license expiring.Integrated with fuel cards, fastag, etc. you get a real-time view of efficiency, theft, and expenses. This gives you a clear view of payments to be made and allows you to manage your finances.

Rate Charts

Revolo's Logistics Software allows you to create rate charts for billing, detention, shortage and vendors. Along with the manual billing process, our software gives you the option to automate the rate application so that you do not have to depend on staff to enter correct values.

Mobile Integration and Applications

Our Logistics software is integrated with our Driver app, Vendor app, Customer app, Fleet Management App, and our software is completely mobile and tab friendly. The reports that we generate include information integrated from all the different apps.

Scheduling Reports and Mails

Our Logistics Software allows you to schedule email reports for you and your clients. How much load is picked up daily, how many vehicles are unassigned to any trips, upcoming vehicle dues and upcoming vehicle maintenance: everything will be in your inbox automatically.

Smart Logistics Software

Unlike any other, Revolo's Logistics Software is smart.

  • All your Operations are on a single screen- extremely easy to use.

  • Extensive built-in validations, systems to avoid issues that are made during manual entry.

  • 25+% Manual Entries are automated with integration to Fastag, IOCL, Tally, GPS, etc.

  • Auto-emails, notifications to you, your clients and vendors: Bills, Daily loading-unloading reports, License/ Insurance expiries, etc.

Revolo Logistics Software has been built with Logistics Experts. You can rely on us.


With Revolo's Logistics Software, you can manage your entire business:

  • Fastag integration: All your toll data is imported into accounts automatically and is linked with the relevant LRs that are created in Operations. Fastag Duplicate eport: Tolls that have been wrongly charged to you are identified and reported.

  • Tally Integration: Revolo Logistics Software will directly import your accounting information into Tally's ledgers.

  • IOCL and BPCL: Data is imported directly into the system to create automatic entries.

  • GPS devices: Integrated with Revolo Logistics Software to create advanced reports.